Nature Nerds Gift by ECIZO

Who are "Nature Nerds"? 

With Nature Nerds we offer you a variety of sustainable products for your household. With these products you too can ensure ffor a more conscious approach to your environment. 

The Bamboo toothbrushes for adults and children are naturally antibacterial and 100% vegan. Its handle and packaging are completely biodegradable. 

The Make-up removal pads made of bamboo viscose are highly absorbent and gentle on the skin. You can keep the pads in the laundry net. Microfiber also makes them dry quickly and ready for countless reuses.

The Drinking straws are not just eye-catchers because of the curved stainless steel, but also sustainable and indestructible. All Nature Nerds packaging is plastic-free and are suitable for the organic waste bin without hesitation.

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