People Tree
At People Tree you will find colorful women's clothing and accessories that fit perfectly into your everyday life. The collections are always closely linked to the brand's fair trade guidelines.

JAYA Organics
At the German label, body and mind find each other with respect for nature. The sporty fashion is ideal for yoga, dance and leisure.

Albero nature
Albero Natur is part of the Leela Cotton brand and only uses organic cotton with GOTS certification from Turkey. The cotton textiles promise a sensitive skin feel and stand for sustainability and comfort.

Leela Cotton
This is where organic cotton makes its grand entrance. It is from controlled organic cultivation and is GOTS-certified processed. The numerous positive properties of this natural fiber are the ideal basis for unobtrusive Children's fashion in great color combinations.

Swedish Stockings
The two Swedish founders call for customers and entrepreneurs to be questioned through sustainable fashion. With the "Zero waste“-Thought as a basis, raw materials and recyclable materials are used smartly. They prove that sustainable hosiery doesn't have to be boring.

Suite 13
The Collections spread a natural charisma through their colors and cuts and stand for honest and sustainable clothing. Every piece of clothing catches the warm Mallorcan sun and gives a piece of satisfaction and well-being.

Fresh and tangy. This is how it presents itself ThokkThokk. They have their minimalist designs just as firmly under control as the implementation of their sustainable principles.

King Louie
King Louie is timeless and therefore always on trend. The Dutch brand impresses with this touch of vintage in its designs and its self-image for sustainable fashion.

Vesica Piscis
Shoes and accessories from Vesica Piscis are one thing above all: vegan. The company makes full use of recycled and recyclable materials and offers a high-quality alternative to conventional shoe fashion. We and our shoes become part of a wonderful cycle.

Nae Vegan Shoes
The Portuguese brand focuses on the wellbeing of animals and people. Thanks to innovative and recyclable materials, every shoe earns the peta approved seal and is considered absolutely vegan.

Kings of Indigo
Kings of Indigo catapults you into a new, sustainable era. With transparency at every level, the Dutch label represents a new fashion mindset. The pieces with their effortless designs are Peta Approved Vegan and perfect for a sustainable style.

Fans of puristically designed accessories feel at home UlStO Roger that. The focus is on cork with all its great properties. The handmade pieces bring a piece of nature into your everyday life.

Mela means acting together. This principle is evident in all value chains Melawear and culminates in relaxed casual fashion with no frills.

MUD jeans
One season of jeans? That comes with MUD jeans out of the question. The brand is firmly rooted in sustainability and stands for long wearing pleasure. The perfect solution for all denim idealists.

Flamingo's Life
Plant trees, clean seas, help people and show style. That describes your ecological contribution if you buy the casual sneakers from Flamingos Life indulge. How can you resist? Right, not at all!

Wild Fawn
The jewelry from Wild Fawn is timelessly beautiful. The designs touch with their straight lines and were created for every day and every look. The hypoallergenic and nickel-free unique items meet ethical and environmentally friendly requirements.

WON Hundred
Fans of unexcited, clean looks get their money's worth here. And helps with their minimalist designs Won Hundred people, animals and our planet at the same time.

Heaven Lab
HEAVEN LAB stands for uncomplicated cuts, clear designs and GOTS certified textiles. As part of the SUITE 13 label, the sustainable concept is firmly anchored and integrates this lifestyle into your everyday fashion.

Jute mood
Bring these eco-friendly shoes on your feet JUTE FEEL. They are pure Mediterranean joie de vivre that revive craft traditions and support a sustainable, modern life.

GOBI Amsterdam
A Dutchman was inspired by the mystical effect of the Gobi desert and founded a label for sunglasses. That is the impressive story of GOBI AMSTERDAM. Always in focus: the best materials, climate protection and social responsibility.

Living Crafts
Living Crafts offers timeless fashion as a contrast to “fast fashion”. Produced with the help of regenerative energy Living Crafts from the raw material to the end product all in one location. This is how ecological and ethical standards are combined to a sustainable guiding principle.

About Companions
One thing is particularly important to the two founders of the Berlin label About Companions (formerly FRISUR): feel their clothes. The sensitive sense of touch is pampered by their handpicked materials. They create classic but contemporary designs from wool, tencel or linen, some of which are vegan or biodegradable.

The Kuyichi credo is: Pure. It stands for pure materials, clear designs and transparent production conditions. Only biological or recycled materials are used, which are processed into non-toxic textiles. Kuyichi is considered a pioneer in the eco denim industry. Rightly.

Engel stands for the highest quality and sustainability. Renewable raw materials are used for practical clothing that do not contain any substances that are harmful to the environment or health. The entire production chain is at Engel just, social and fair aligned.

The KOMODO collections consist of a wide variety of materials such as bamboo, hemp, rayon, Tencel or organic cotton. The label represents a high work ethic and social standards, which include, for example, secure jobs, adequate pay and environmentally friendly production conditions. In addition, the support of various projects with a social or ecological focus is an integral part of the label's daily business.

NANGA does everything 100%. The light slippers are made from 100% organic cotton, natural rubber or organic new wool. Home shoes provide a healthy foundation for feet that are still growing. But big feet also enjoy the comfortable fit.

At Victoria you can feel the love for their products. The Spaniards have been making high-quality shoes since 1915, which are developed so that you can enjoy them for a long time. The Models are made from 100% organic cotton and natural rubber. Many of them are even vegan or made from recycled materials.

EGE Organics
The Bremen label igi is a family business where environmentally and people-friendly textile production has top priority. All textiles carry the strict and trend-setting GOTS certificate. Children's thoughts and ideas are reflected in children's clothing, because igi always focuses on the “inner child”.

As one of the best-known German sporting goods manufacturers, VAUDE is a pioneer when it comes to sustainable materials. They draw on an extensive and innovative selection of materials in order to produce their articles in a resource-saving, fair and sustainable manner. The results are amazing and the functional outdoor fashion is “greener” than ever.

Let yourself be inspired by this sustainable brand - everything for your unforgettable appearance on the beach or by the pool. Old fishing nets and other recycled material combined to create new styles - what do you want?

Experience sensual, feminine styles made from natural materials by Lanius - with two great collections per year. We call that sustainable and environmentally friendly! Lanius stands for respect and appreciation for their employees and clothing.

At Airpac you will find distinctive pieces made from recycled car scrap. Yes, you heard right! Let yourself be inspired by the unique pieces, combine and support the former students on their way to sustainable independence.

People Wear Organic
Woman power through and through for the favorite styles of your little ones. The People Wear Organic team doesn't just make mothers' hearts beat faster. Made from natural textiles, according to strict sustainability criteria - from production to shipping.

Wildthings Collectables
Do you want to have fancy hand-picked, unusual jewelry? These unique items are made by hand by the Balinese people. Produced with great attention to details and with fair conditions - they bring the Balinese style into every piece of jewelry. 

Finnish styles for your wardrobe. Sustainably produced in the EU - these pieces of  from PAPU are an absolute eye-catcher. Long-lasting companions for your personal taste, whether casual or extravagant.

See the world with a high degree of acceptance - to make it better! This is the ultimate goal for Kelly (founder of OUTERKNOWN). He redefines design and catch us with the unusual and super stylish surfer looks. Let's look to the future in which planet and clothing thrive!