How to style yourself trendy with a clear conscience - Vegan Clothing at ECIZO!
What is vegan clothing? 
There have been vegan delicacies or even vegetarian and vegan categories on the menus of your favorite restaurants for a while now. The supermarket around the corner has cleared another section in the refrigerated shelf for vegan products. In the cooking and lifestyle magazines you will regularly find delicious vegan dishes to try out. The vegan lifestyle seems to have taken a big step into the middle of society. So far, so good - but what is the topic of "vegan fashion" all about? What do you have to consider if you want to ban animals not only from your plate but also from your wardrobe? We'll tell you - and not only give you the basics, but also show you how to do it find the perfect vegan clothing.

So let's start with the materials of your jeans, shirts and jackets. Which should you avoid when shopping for vegan clothes? Fur and leather as animal components are also known to most people who do not deal with the topics of veganism and vegan clothing. Both are the skin of the animals - which are killed for the use of the materials. In addition to these quite obvious categories, silk and down are also among the ingredients that cannot do without animals. You have certainly come across both in the world of fashion - be it as a chic blouse or as a warming winter jacket. But there are other materials that you can look out for if vegan clothing is important to you. The glue used to make your shoes, for example, can consist of animal bones. If your new cardigan is made of wool, animal materials are also involved. And even the buttons couldn't be vegan - namely, if they were made of mother-of-pearl, horn or shells. Even the impregnation of your rain jacket may have been made from beeswax. As you can see, the use of animal products is very widespread in the world of fashion. And that's exactly where the vegan idea comes in. Animal-free vegan clothing? That has to work! Of course - it works really well. And like you vegan clothing cheap and be able to shop chic - we'll tell you in this article!

In order to produce chic vegan fashion that can easily keep up with conventional designs alternative materials used - some of which you probably already know. You should already be familiar with organic cotton and linen. Both fibers are quite common in vegan clothing. But also hemp, cork, lyocell or bamboo are enjoying increasing popularity, so that you could find these categories by looking at the material label in the vegan clothing area. All of the materials mentioned are of natural origin, which makes them not only in terms of veganism, but also in terms of the theme sustainability score. Because natural raw materials, which are in the best case still organic, grow back and not only have a better environmental balance than their synthetic counterparts for this reason. The latter - such as polyester - are also vegan, but should be used less or bought by you due to the fact that they are not so ecological. Recycled materials are a good alternative: Recycled polyester made of plastic, which has already had a life as a beverage bottle, is now more and more popular. If you are interested in other, particularly innovative materials in various categories for vegan clothing, you can look out for wool made from kapok, nettle, corn fibers or algae. Due to the increasing demand for green fashion, there are now great innovations on the market that are constantly evolving.

In addition to textiles such as shirts, jackets, jeans and sweaters, there are certain other categories in your closet, such as accessories. Here, too, we can promise you: There are wonderful vegan alternatives to bags and belts made of leather or scarfs made of wool. Imitations are now made from a wide variety of materials - be it synthetic polyurethane or a natural base, such as Fibers from pineapple or apple. Of course, you can also use textiles without animal origin and choose a backpack made of canvas, a wallet made of cork or a belt made of hemp. Not only do you have vegan clothing - in future your accessories will also be vegan.

Although you are already familiar with some of the basics, a lot is new to you when it comes to vegan clothing. Do you want even more security when it comes to the categories of vegan clothing and materials? Here help you seal of approval continue. On the one hand, there are some seals that show you that a product is sustainably produced. When buying a product, do you pay attention to e.g. on the GOTS label, you can be sure that particularly strict guidelines have been adhered to in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. If you are particularly interested in vegan clothing, there are other seals of approval - such as the peta-approved vegan seal. This label, awarded by the animal rights organization, shows you: This product is 100% vegan, for which no animal was harmed either in the manufacturing process or in the end product. Means: This product is 100% free from any animal ingredients such as the categories leather or wool.


Why do you even live vegan?
How did you come across vegan clothing? Have you always been a fashion fan, at the same time a great animal lover, and have now realized that both are related in a certain way? Or did you get stuck with a documentary while zapping in front of the television that got you thinking? The reasons for veganism in general are just as individual as your own introduction to the topic of vegan clothing.

If you assign the many personal motivations of all vegan people to categories, they could be as follows: animal rights, health and for the benefit of our environment. Let's take a closer look at these.

As a child, you beg mom and dad that you absolutely want to have a dog, you spend your holidays at the riding stables and visiting grandma isn't perfect without petting your favorite cat. At the same time, you can call schnitzel your favorite dish or save on the woolen knitted hat and leather handbag from the trendy label. And suddenly - usually through a certain aha experience - you realize: Is that maybe a double standard? Love some animals, stroke them and protect them - kill others, eat them, process them into materials and wear them as clothing? Suddenly these are no longer compatible in your head. And that's the moment when the topic Animal rights or ethics is becoming more important to you and you may be doing research into veganism for the first time.

After eating, you haven't felt really well for a while. Your stomach ache gets on your nerves and you can't really enjoy the pasta casserole with cream sauce anymore. When doing research on the Internet and then visiting a doctor, you realize that lactose intolerance is the reason for this. Due to intolerances like this or the aspect of faster regeneration through a plant-based diet, more and more people are familiarizing themselves with a vegan diet. Your health is important to them and so they decide not to consume any animal products in the future.

On the news you can see pictures of huge fires and fatal floods. Because these impressions do not let you go, you begin to research and find out - here, too, animal products have their finger in the game. Factory farming in Germany and around the world contributes an enormous amount to global warming, which you were not aware of before. With your new knowledge in the back of your mind, you suddenly no longer understand how this whole system can work. Destroying your own living space for the enjoyment of people? That doesn't make sense to you. And you're on the way to dealing with veganism and its positive effects on your ecological footprint. The environment is important to you and reason enough to try the vegan lifestyle.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to choose not to use animal products. In many cases, one of the aspects just mentioned is the trigger to gradually deal with all facets of veganism - including vegan fashion.

Does "vegan clothing" mean "fair clothing"?
If you have started to be interested in vegan clothing, you will soon come across terms from categories such as "fair fashion" or "green fashion". Because once there is an understanding of veganism, the connection to the topic of ecologically produced clothing is often not far and the question quickly arises: How do the topics "fashion", "vegan" and "fair" relate to one another? Does "vegan clothing" mean "fair clothing"?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. As you have already learned, vegan clothing is not necessarily environmentally friendly. If vegan clothing is made from synthetic fibers, it is more harmful to the environment than if it is made from natural, renewable raw materials. It looks the same with the point vegan fair trade clothing out. The fact that your latest acquisition from the shopping mall does not contain any animal ingredients is praiseworthy. However, that does not mean that it was produced under fair working conditions. Fast fashion companies in particular, which produce more than ten collections a year, unfortunately pay little or no attention to good social standards in the manufacture of their clothing - even when it comes to vegan clothing. If you want to be on the safe side, you can use different seals to orientate yourself or research your new favorite vegan label - if they care about fair working conditions, they will definitely advertise it on their homepage. The prohibition of child labor, fair pay or support for employees in the event of illness are aspects that are important to a fair-producing fashion label for vegan clothing. And when you know that you are really wearing vegan, fair fashion, you will feel even more comfortable in it.


Which brands represent vegan clothing?
If you have now decided to wear fair, vegan clothing, you might ask yourself the question: Which manufacturers are actually in the vegan fashion sector? Fortunately there are now numerous vegan fashion brands, thanks to which it is very easy to put together a great, cruelty-free outfit. It is particularly convenient for you if you stop by a vegan fashion online shop - there you will find all your new favorite items bundled together. Brands for vegan clothing such as NAE VEGAN SHOES, BLEED, THOKK THOKK, PEOPLE TREE or MELA WEAR offer you not only vegan clothes, but also accessories and shoes. Whichever part you are missing in your wardrobe so far - you will find it in a vegan variant of vegan clothing brands. There should also be something for every style: sporty-casual, elegant business look, a colorful mix of patterns or jeans all over. In the now generous range of fair and vegan shops and manufacturers, you will definitely find the right vegan clothing for you - for example at ECIZO!


In which online shops can you find vegan clothing?
You can now find vegan fashion labels for vegan clothing in fair fashion stores or well-stocked shops in your city, but online shopping for fair, vegan fashion is probably even more convenient. While you are sitting comfortably at home on the couch and enter the words "vegan online shops clothing" into the search engine, you can browse the categories of various websites in peace, save your favorites in terms of vegan clothing, compare them and search for one look out for a good price. Because if you can have vegan fashion cheap - why not? Whether your focus is on finding cheap vegan clothes or finding fairtrade clothes - you will definitely be successful online. You have the choice between the online stores of the individual manufacturers - if you've fallen in love with a special label - or online shops that sell different brands under a specific theme - e.g. vegan clothing - offer. ECIZO is one of the latter. Here the focus is on sustainability and a global rethink in the textile industry Fair fashion. Manufacturers of vegan clothing who work with sustainable materials can also be found in the range.


How do you find vegan clothing at ECIZO?
The online shop is a platform for stylish and sustainable - partly vegan - clothing and accessories for women, men and children. Here you stand for sustainable values and a great style. Every piece of clothing at ECIZO - be it the simple basic shirts or the versatile jeans - makes a contribution to social responsibility, environmental protection and a global rethink. Because the avoidance of animal suffering also plays a role here, most of the products on offer are vegan. With the selection of manufacturers for vegan clothing, which ranges from THOKK THOKK to PEOPLE TREE or MELA WEAR to NAE VEGAN SHOES, you will find numerous favorite items without leather, wool, angora or other animal components. Vegan fairtrade clothing is what you want? Go on a search by either entering the keyword "vegan" in the search bar or clicking on your favorite item and looking for material information and seals. If you are not sure whether a part is what you want it to be fair production or vegan materials, just contact customer service and get advice. You will definitely find vegan branded clothing that makes you happy - whether it's jeans or other categories of clothing.


How do you put together your perfect look in terms of "vegan clothing"?
Regardless of whether it's the cheap vegan fashion you're looking for or whether vegan fair clothing is important to you - great outfits can be combined with clothes regardless of the price range. You can find inspiration for this on various blogs in the field of vegan clothing, on various social media channels or in a vegan clothing online shop. Just save a few pictures of looks that you particularly like - so you can always access them when you have a "I have nothing to wear" moment. Who knows - maybe thanks to a new discovery on Instagram you combine torn jeans with a classy top and rough boots and dare to show a whole new side of yourself? Vegan clothing not only gives you the opportunity to conjure up casual, elegant, playful, androgynous, romantic, stylish or cool looks, you can also wear vegan clothing with a clear conscience. Because you know: No animal was harmed here and in the best case scenario you have even opted for an ecological article from the fair fashion sector. You see: we love vegan clothing! You also?

These tips should offer you a little help in dressing yourself more sustainably and consciously. In principle, you can already make a valuable contribution to our environment and your own health with very simple things. This does not require any complicated and time-consuming measures, just a small step back to our nature.