Local Food

When it comes to sustainable food, look out for local, seasonal and organic products. Thereby you can not only ensure that the purchased goods have not travelled halfway around the world, but also support local farmers and growers. 20% of total CO2 emissions are related to our nutrition, which is why we should start here to make a health-promoting and eco-friendly impact on our world.

Sustainable Cooking
You would like to prepare your dishes more sustainably? Start by always covering your pots with a lid, in order to save a third of the used energy. When involving an oven for your cooking, it is advisable to choose the air circulation instead of the top and bottom heat function, which consumes more power. When it comes to washing the dishes, it is recommendable to give preference to the dishwasher, as it saves quite a bit of water and energy when fully loaded. Another tip: Leftovers from your meals should cool down properly before putting them in the refrigerator, since otherwise a lot of energy will be needed for the cooling function..

Living Sustainability
Living Sustainability:
Living more sustainably does not only mean choosing the paper bag in the supermarket, but rather affects every single area of our lives. A sustainable lifestyle particularly aims to protect the environment, reduce the consumption of resources and also protect our health from unnecessary pollutants. In this article, you will learn the best tips and tricks on how you too can live more sustainably taking very simple and efficient measures.